Conference Venue

Romania`s second largest city, Constanta is built upon the ancient ruins of the Greek strong hold Tomis, and is a pole of economic exchanges in the Black Sea Region and South-Eastern Europe

Airport - Mihail Kogalniceanu - 15 miles from downtown Constanta, Seasonal charter flights from Germany, Sweden and the Netherlands. Taxi from airport to downtown about 5E

Conference location

The conference will be held at Constanta Maritime University. It is situated in the centre part of the city.

Maritime University of Constantza is the main maritime technical university in Romania, offering advanced study programs in engineering, technology and management of maritime transport.

Constanta Maritime University has long-standing 37 years old traditions dating back to the establishment of the Merchant Maritime Institute in 1971.


  1. Auditorium (250 attendants)
  2. Excellence Centre
  3. 8 Course Delivery Rooms
  4. Tutorials and labs
  5. 3 Conference Rooms
  6. Library
  7. 24 Dedicated Laboratories


  1. Full Mission Bridge Simulator
  2. Liquid Bulk Cargo Handling Simulator
  3. Astronomy and Celestial Navigation Lab
  4. Maritime Communications and Satellite Maritime Communications Lab
  5. Liquid Bulk Cargo Handling Lab
  6. Ship Handling Lab
  7. Maritime Hydrographic and Meteorology Lab
  8. Costal and Estimated Navigation Lab
  9. Electronic Navigation and Special Conditions Navigation Lab
  10. Radar Navigations, Radar Plotting and ARPA Lab
  11. Seamanship Lab
  12. Search and Rescue Lab
  13. Ship Theory, Construction and Vitality Lab
  14. Maritime English Lab
  15. Engine Room Simulator
  16. Chemistry Lab
  17. Technical Drawing and Study of Materials Lab
  18. Maritime Hydraulic Mechanical and Cooling Machinery Lab
  19. Hidro-pneumatical Machinery Lab
  20. Engineering and the Protection of the Environment Lab
  21. Maritime Engines Lab
  22. Strength of Materials Lab
  23. Thermoenergetics Lab
  24. Thermodynamics Lab
  25. Computer Science Lab
  26. Electrical Materials Lab
  27. Electrical Machinery Lab
  28. Electrical Actuations Lab
  29. Sensors, Measurements, Transducers and Materials Lab
  30. Electronics Lab
  31. Electromechanical Complex for Studentsí Training (Centre for Practical Training and Sports)

   baza nautica

The Simulations Complex covers all compartments of a real ship, comprising:

  1. Full Mission Bridge Simulator, TRANSAS NT Pro 4000,
  2. state-of-the-art system in the field of maritime transports in a Romanian university;
  3. Liquid Bulk Cargo Handling Simulator, Class A, B, C - Cargo Handling, Det Norske Veritas certified;
  4. Engine Room Simulator, ERS L11 MAN B&W 5 L90MC, Kongsberg Maritime Ship Systems A.S. Norway;
  5. Global Maritime Distress and Safety System Simulator, for maritime terrestrial and satellite communications, Digital Selective Calling System, VHF, MF,HF, NAVTEX;
  6. Auto-Hydro Ship Loading Simulator, AutoShip Systems Corporation, Vancouver, Canada;

Electromechanical Complex for Studentsí Training

  1. Marine Engines
  2. Main Distribution Panel
  3. Main Engine
  4. Auxiliary Engines
  5. Hydro pneumatic Networks
  6. Cooling Installation for Main Engine
  7. Hydraulic and Actuating Machinery
  8. Steam Turbines and Boilers
  9. Marine Engine Launching Installation
  10. Marine Electrical Installations

Fire Fighting Facilities Boat sheds Tennis, mini football pitch Boats:

  1. Cutters
  2. Boats
  3. Canoes
  4. Salvage boats
  5. Sailing boats